Thoom - Blood and Sand

Debut EP released on Club Chai, 2017

1. No Speech حرّكت السكوت

2. Salwa

3. Mikal Jackzon

4. Apology

The EP reflects Beirut's constantly shifting urban landscape. Thoom’s tracks channel a space of flux where the construction and deconstruction of a tense landscape can be addressed through an accumulation of cinematic sounds. This combination of release and restraint references the complexity of a post-war Beirut in the midst of a rebuilding process while construction leaves its own traces of disruption and violence. Thoom’s fictional storytelling in ‘Blood and Sand’ relates to the formation of collective and individual identities in transitional spaces.

Mastered by Scim

Cover Photograph by Mohammad Abdouni

Cover Design and Text by Jessika Khazrik